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Do Online Scratch Cards Offer a Real Chance of Winning Big?

Scratch cards played online are a little different from other types of online gambling. Scratchcards are a rare exception to the rule that online versions of games can only ever hope to replicate the excitement of their offline counterparts. If that remark piques your interest, keep reading because the realm of online scratchcards is far more exciting than you might anticipate.

The Invention of Scratch-Offs

It would be best if you were familiar with the rules of traditional scratch-off games before we got into the specifics of playing scratch-offs online. Scratch cards are little pieces of card that may be purchased at gas stations, convenience stores, and other similar locations. The games are played by scratching silver panels with the edge of a coin to reveal symbols underneath. Depending on the game, if you get the proper symbols (or the right amount of matching symbols), you receive a prize.

Scratchcards can be played by scratching the surface with a coin, so the name “scratch-offs,” or by pulling the upper strips of cardboard away from the lower base, therefore the name “pull-offs.”

This, essentially, is how the traditional scratch-off lottery works. You spend a buck or two on a card, scratch or pull it to reveal symbols, and either win or lose a monetary prize according on how closely those symbols match the ones on the card.

The Theory Behind Online Scratch-Offs

Most creators of virtual scratch cards put forth a lot of effort to make the experience as close to the real thing as possible. The majority of games are presented in the form of a card, and the user will scratch or pull the card using a virtual coin edge or hand (the mouse on a desktop computer or the finger on a mobile device, respectively).

While playing scratchcards online won’t provide the same tactile feel as playing them in person, the online versions are generally superior due to the additional features they offer. Consider visuals as an example. Scratch-off tickets are typically brightly colored and attractively designed, but online scratch-offs can have designs that shift or even become animated as you play. Similarly, a scratchcard in the real world is nearly silent, but a digital scratchcard can have sound effects and music.

Statistics, Rewards, and Options

You may be wondering how much money you can win now that you’ve been convinced that online scratchcards are just as good as, if not better than, their offline counterparts. Because there are dozens of distinct online scratchcards, each with a unique set of prizes, there is no universally correct response to that question. Online games allow you to set your own stake, similar to when you play a slot machine, so the more you spend, the higher the potential winnings are. This is in contrast to traditional scratchcards, which have a preset price.

It’s safe to assume that the Return to Player percentages for online scratchcards are as all over the place as the games itself when it comes to your odds of winning. Do your research before settling in for an extended scratch session, as some games have extremely respectable RTP’s of 95% or more while others have RTP’s of 75% or even lower.

Top 5 Websites to Play Scratch-Off Games

Here are five recommended online scratchcards to get you started with a good understanding of the genre and a fair shot at winning some money.

It’s a Match!

Lottery-style play is the name of the game in this offering from Evoplay Entertainment. The left side of the card features a huge Scratch Match logo, while the right side features a row of five money bags and a grid of 20 scratch cells. Ten or all twenty cells may be used in a single game.

To see the five digits, select the row of money bags. Each of your selected cells in the grid below can be scratched individually, or you can click “Scratch All” to quickly clear all of your selections. A number and corresponding prize amount will be revealed in each scratched cell. A winner is determined if the number disclosed coincides with one of the five numbers on the money sacks. There are five potential winning numbers at the top of the card, and up to twenty cells to scratch.

Direct Physical Conflict

Hand to Hand Combat was released by Microgaming in 2013, and its central premise is a battle decided by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The scratchcard has a left side that indicates which hand gesture wins and a right side that features five panels, each of which represents a round of combat. If you scratch the panels, you’ll find out your next move, the prize at stake, and your opponent’s. In accordance with the payout schedule on the left, you will be awarded the prize if your move successfully defeats your opponent’s.






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